Seeking Cyber Attack Sanctuary

Cyber attack now No. 1 business threat

The risk of cyber attack, once overhyped, now threatens businesses' very existence. Its severity varies significantly with geography: For example, inherent cyber risk has climbed in France over the past year while plummeting in Taiwan, two of the biggest changes in cyber risk in the 2018 FM Global Resilience Index.

The index—an annual ranking of 130 countries and territories by the resilience of their business environments—is an online, interactive resource to help global executives plan where to do business. Cyber risk is one of 12 drivers determining the index's overall resilience rankings.

"Our mission is to give global business executives powerful intelligence to support their decisions about where to site facilities, what partners to select, and how to manage their risks," said Thomas A. Lawson, chairman and chief executive officer at FM Global. "With the Resilience Index, business leaders can dig deeper than they ever have into geographical differences in resilience, including cyber risk."

The index addresses deep concerns about business risks such as cyber attacks, and reflects data related to economics, natural hazards and supply chains. Resilience, the flipside of risk, means resisting business disruption and rebounding quickly if it occurs.

How does cyber resilience rank where you do business? Find out in the 2018 FM Global Resilience Index.

FM Global Resilience Index

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