How Does Your Business Resilience Rank?

In whatever countries in the world you site your business operations or rely on key suppliers, the business resilience of these countries matters. The FM Global Resilience Index is the first data-driven tool and repository that ranks the resilience of 130 countries and territories according to their enterprise resilience to disruptive events. It is designed to help executives evaluate the countries they rely upon so they can make more informed decisions when it comes to their own business and supply chain resilience.

Experience the intuitive interface. Explore the resilience factors and drivers. Download the easy-to-sort data tables.

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Features and Benefits

New Drivers
Three new drivers of enterprise resilience (urbanization rate, supply chain visibility, and inherent cyber risk) have been added to nine others to provide you an even more informed picture of each country.

Exporting Data
Ability to download data allows further analysis and inclusion in your reports and presentations.

In-depth Analytics
In addition to five-year country trends, each country can be explored deeper than ever before so you can glean more powerful insights.

Improved Interface
An easy-to-use graphical and numerical interface allows you to do easier and quicker comparisons of countries based on their enterprise resilience.

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