Broad Property Cyber Coverage

FM Global Advantage Policy Cyber

FM Global Advantage Policy Cyber

This scenario based video illustrates the cyber enhancements to the FM Global Advantage Policy.


Do you have what it takes to thwart a cyber attack? Even the most tech-savvy businesses can’t answer “yes” with 100-percent certainty. As the entire business world struggles with this serious vulnerability, most are focusing on the matter at hand: securing the best possible coverage for their exposures. To that end, we’ve recently enhanced the FM Global Advantage policy to expand our cyber coverage to ensure our clients have the broadest, most comprehensive property insurance available on the market today.

In fact, you won’t find any cyber exclusions for physical loss or damage in our all-risk policy. What you will find is essential coverage for common cyber loss events, including:

  • Damage to data, programs or software created by harmful viruses or other malware
  • Computer network service interruption due to malicious cyber activity
  • Third-party data services interruption (cloud outage) leading to business interruption and/or property damage
  • Resulting property damage and business interruption on an all-risk basis, to the policy or location limit. The FM Global Advantage policy does not exclude or impose cyber limits on physical damage to insured property or downtime due to a cyber attack.

Resilience meets the digital age. Fight back with a full suite of cyber insurance products designed to meet your cyber risk needs:


The introduction of malware, such as a virus, can destroy your data.

FM Global covers:

  • Restoration of data, including the time to research/engineer lost or damaged data
  • Resulting time element loss
  • Temporary costs to defend against a cyber attack
  • Worldwide territory


A distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attack can interfere with your computer system or network.

FM Global covers:

  • Actual loss sustained and Extra Expense during the period of interruption
  • Temporary costs to defend against cyber attack
  • Worldwide territory


A cyber attack on the cloud may interrupt your data processing services.

FM Global covers:

  • Actual loss sustained, Extra Expense and property damage during the period of interruption
  • Extends to customer and supplier locations
  • Includes satellite services
  • Worldwide territory

Resulting Damage

An attack on your industrial control system could result in damage to your equipment.

FM Global covers:

  • Physical loss or damage to insured property other than data on an all-risk basis
  • Resulting time element loss
  • Policy territory

Cyber Optimal Recovery

FM Global’s Cyber Optimal Recovery is a new coverage endorsement designed for FM Global Advantage policyholders with a separate standalone cyber policy. The endorsement gives clients the option to position their FM Global Advantage policy as primary, excess or contributing insurance as necessary to maximize their total insurance recovery in a cyber event. This is a market first: an innovative solution that improves contract certainty and allows for the best possible recovery.

Key Benefits:

  • Maximizes total recovery following a cyber loss
  • Addresses how the FM Global Advantage policy will interact with a cyber policy—before the loss occurs
  • Eliminates the need to manually address potentially overlapping coverage