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Fires caused by ignitable liquids do not happen every day. But when they do, the results can often be catastrophic, due to heat intensity and the potential for spread. Fortunately, a comprehensive suite of FM Approved solutions can help prevent and minimize ignitable liquid fires—and protect you against their consequences.

The financial facts of ignitable liquid fire

As a plastic intermediate bulk container (IBC) was being filled with low-flash point ignitable liquids, a static discharge ignited a fire that involved approximately twenty adjacent IBCs and quickly spread throughout the facility. It took 170 firefighters to get the blaze under control.


An explosion occurred in an outside oven, warming ignitable liquids used in the manufacturing process, including two IBCs of resin. A pool fire resulted and spread to the main building, including multi-row rack storage of composite IBCs of ignitable liquids. The entire 7,000 square meter facility was engulfed. There was no sprinkler protection.


A fire originating in the compounding area involved plastic IBCs of high- flash point ignitable liquids, resulting in a pool fire. The intense fire severely damaged the mostly non- combustible, unsprinklered process area and interrupted operations for approximately six months.


The size and scope of this issue is staggering. According to our research, there is an estimated $155 billion in loss potential from the risk of unprotected ignitable liquid—just among FM Global clients alone.

Monetary cost is just the beginning.

Preventing an ignitable liquid fire means preventing the destruction of buildings, assets, materials and even damage to adjacent facilities. But you are also protecting against the disruption of business operations, the threat to brand reputation and the impact on the surrounding community. The use of FM Approved solutions can minimize the risk and effects of fire dramatically, so your business can continue to thrive.

  • Catastrophic loss – Minimize significant damage to property, facilities and materials.
  • Business disruption – Avoid disruption of business operations and protect your bottom line.
  • Reputation damage – Limiting business interruption ensures you are able to meet the demand of customers and fulfill obligations to stakeholders.
  • Environmental impact – Avoid the pollution threat to the air, surface water and groundwater, as well as the surrounding community.

Setting a progressive benchmark for safety in the industry, FM Approved ignitable liquid solutions advance property loss prevention practices with confirmation that each one functions as intended and adheres to the highest standards of quality, technical integrity, and performance.

The Schutz Ecobulk SX-D



Introducing The Schütz Ecobulk SX-D

A new FM Approved product for ignitable liquid risk mitigation

This intermediate bulk container is the result of 15 years of research and extensive lab testing. As the first FM Approved IBC, Schütz Ecobulk SX-D is designed to prevent the release of contained liquid in a fire scenario.

FM Approved IBC benefits:

  • Stop pool fires from spreading
  • Mitigates the risks of both high-and low-flash-point ignitable liquids.
  • Protects your business continuity, stakeholder relationships, brand reputation and the environment.

Key Features:

  • Blow molded HDPE inner container surrounded by a metal outer container
  • Durable dual-hull construction
  • Fills and dispenses at the top to minimize the risk of leaks
  • Sealed steel shell contains contents if inner layer is breeched
  • Conventional IBC size and capacity

Highlighted is the only FM Approved product in this category as of March 2023. For a complete, up-to-date list of FM Approved products, visit the Approval Guide (

We encourage you to talk to your client service team to see how the FM Approved suite of solutions for ignitable liquid risk can help reduce your exposure.

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We realize you don't decide which IBCs your suppliers use. But you can take steps to protect your business operations against the risk of ignitable liquid fire. We strongly encourage you to speak with your suppliers about delivering their products to you in FM Approved IBCs. After all, your resilience benefits them as well. Because when you’re doing business, they’re doing business.

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