Inspection, Testing and Maintenance of Fire Protection Equipment

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FM Global Office
Sydney, NSW, Australia

Event Overview

Join us for an informative, one-day, introductory-level seminar.

Many companies mistakenly believe that their facilities are well protected once the sprinkler systems have been commissioned, as they would be per any of the building services equipment. It is often thought that intervention is only needed when fire protection is reportedly not working. However, lack of proper care of fire protection equipment, following installation, can result in severe fires at facilities with well-designed systems. This is largely due to improperly closed valves (ICVs), impaired sprinkler systems and fire protection systems failing to operate due to inadequate maintenance. 

Through a mixture of interactive presentations and workshops, you will learn about the importance of inspection and testing in order to ensure fire protection systems function properly when needed.

You will learn:

  • Key components of a sprinkler system and its associated water supply
  • The importance of supervision, maintenance and testing of automatic sprinkler systems to ensure they work properly when needed
  • The types of fire protection equipment that should be maintained and how frequently maintenance should be carried out
  • The needed inspection, testing and maintenance programs for your sprinkler systems, special protection systems and manual firefighting systems, including effective documentation