Hydraulic Oil Fire (液压油火灾)

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10:00am - 11:00am

Event Overview

Does your company have a process to use high pressure hydraulic oil? Did you know that a small leak in the hydraulic system can cause major fire hazards? Oil mist is easily ignited, causing a jet fire that is extremely difficult to extinguish. In this webinar, you will learn about hydraulic system interlocks and why they are so important to prevent continuous hydraulic jet fires. You'll learn what protections they offer to other businesses and how they can help your business build operational resilience. The simplicity of the solution and the low cost may surprise you.

此次网 络讲座中,您将学习液压系统联锁装置以及为何它们对防范持续液压喷射火灾如此地重要。您将了解到它们为其他企业提供了哪些保护,又能怎样帮助您的企业建立 运 营恢复能力。解决方法之简单,成本之低廉,可能会令您感到惊讶。)