ARTHREX Helping surgeons treat their patients better

If you’re an orthopedic surgeon, chances are, you’ve heard of Arthrex, the global innovation leader in sports medicine and minimally invasive orthopedics. And if you’re a major sports figure, you might have Arthrex technology in your surgically repaired body. The same goes for millions of other people now living happier and more active lives.

Through a purpose-driven mindset, Arthrex continues to pioneer in their field by developing innovative products and procedures and by training surgeons, so they can improve the lives of people around the world.

Building resilience to weather any storm

For a company like Arthrex—that is dedicated to helping surgeons treat their patients better— business continuity is critical. The ability to maintain their operations, whatever comes their way, can have a significant impact on the medical device supply chain, hospital scheduling and patient relief.

Avoiding business disruption is especially challenging for companies located in regions susceptible to climate risks—like Arthrex in Florida, USA. Over the years, their facilities have endured violent winds, storm surge and flooding from hurricanes like Andrew, Michael, Irma and more recently, Hurricane Ian in 2022.

With maximum sustained winds of over 150 miles per hour (241.4 kilometers per hour), Hurricane Ian tied the record for the fifth-strongest hurricane to strike the United States. Despite this tragic, destructive weather event, Arthrex came through unscathed. They never ceased production, missed an order or filed insurance claims. Moreover, employees and their loved ones without power at home were invited to the global headquarters campus in Naples, Florida to take showers, charge electronic devices or simply enjoy a reprieve from the heat.

The efforts didn’t stop there. Arthrex and their employees also helped sustain their community. They provided space at their logistics center in Fort Myers, Florida as an emergency staging area for the National Guard and FEMA. Because they were prepared to be up and running no matter what, Arthrex was able to establish an employee assistance hotline and mobilize more than 600 team members to help muck out damaged homes and remove debris, coordinate the delivery of supplies and resources such as food, gasoline and generators, and volunteer for a variety of community efforts.

“We’ve worked with FM Global for a long time, and we take their risk improvement recommendations very seriously. I think following their recommendations is the reason why we came through the storm unscathed,” said Michael Dock, director of environmental health and safety for Arthrex.

A partnership to keep Arthrex moving forward

The commitment Arthrex made—with FM Global by their side—to reinforcing their properties before, during and after they’re constructed, makes it possible for them to help their community during times of crisis. For their larger mission: Arthrex understands that continuing to build resilience is vital in order to continue the valuable work they do.

As partners, FM Global is committed to helping Arthrex keep their business going and growing strong, and, in turn, protect their purpose, so that surgeons continue to receive the medical technology or training they require, and patients get the surgery they need.

“Arthrex’s experience during Hurricane Ian is the circle of resilience that we talk about. When our clients understand their risk and take steps to become resilient, the good they do goes far beyond their bottom line. It impacts their colleagues, their communities and the world at large,” said Randall E. Hodge, executive vice president, staff insurance operations at FM Global. “Our point of connection is to help clients, like Arthrex, solve problems before they happen by understanding their business needs and then applying our data, science and engineering expertise.”

The actions Arthrex has taken, whether that’s planning for tomorrow, or reinforcing roofs today, have made Arthrex an FM Global “highly protected risk” property, equivalent to an A grade in loss prevention.

Our shared purpose: a passion for what matters most

As purpose-driven companies with a passion for protecting what matters most to their clients, FM Global and Arthrex’s partnership has been built on, and sustained by, these shared values. Both believe that taking proactive steps to prepare for the future is critical to keeping their company, colleagues, clients and communities going and growing strong.

Company: Arthrex

Purpose: Helping Surgeons Treat Their Patients Better

Headquarters: Naples, Florida, USA

Size: 5,000+ employees, 3 major properties

Product development: Sports medicine, arthroscopic surgery, orthobiologics, extremities, trauma, spine, shoulder and knee arthroplasty, 4K multi-specialty surgical visualization and OR integration technology solutions

Valued client since 2017