Protect complex supply chains from the changing climate

Watch The Economist’s Climate Risk North America Summit panel discussion

What steps can you take to avoid business disruption and achieve climate resilience?

While you plan for today, and more importantly, for the future of your organization's risk management needs, it’s more important than ever to lean on the experts to help you build a risk management strategy that works.

The Economist's Climate Risk North America 2022 provided an opportunity for sustainability and finance executives, investors, regulators, policymakers, and scientists to discuss the effect of climate-related risks on businesses as well as strategies for responding. We’re pleased to share that discussion with you.

Watch FM Global Vice President and Manager of Research Dr. Louis Gritzo on a panel of experts at the summit in the session entitled, "Addressing Physical Risks in Complex Supply Chains." Hear how Lou explores complex supply chain issues, how the changing climate affects it and how you can maximize opportunities under these conditions.

Watch "Addressing Physical Risks in Complex Supply Chains"

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