Mars and FM Global

The complex world of M&Ms

Mars and FM Global

Mars and FM Global

Find out what Mars learned from FM Global’s Business Risk Consulting team that helped them understand the business interruption risks embedded in all of its global supply chains.

If you can’t imagine a world without M&Ms, Snickers and Milky Ways, then you’re going to want to watch the video on the Network Productivity Resiliency Tool.

Is that a macroeconomics test? No. It’s a key tool to keeping those beloved candies on the shelves.

Mars, an FM Global client for more than 50 years, has been focused on building resiliency at its own manufacturing and distribution facilities. Then a few years ago, Mars recognized the real risk to keeping the world supplied with Twix and Starbursts: protecting its highly complex, intertwined global supply chain.

That’s when Mars engaged FM Global’s Business Risk Consulting (BRC) team to take a closer look. The BRC team developed the Network Productivity Resiliency Tool based on BRC’s Business Impact Analysis. The tool assesses the business value at risk at various points in the supply chain, evaluates Mars’ ability to mitigate that risk through make-up capabilities within the current infrastructure, and offers additional mitigation strategies to further reduce the risk.

The tool can be used to run analysis for any Mars site in the world at any time. It allows Mars to make the business case for risk improvement and prioritize investments at facilities that fall outside of Mars’ risk appetite.

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