Hardwiring Resilience Into Your Information Network

Is your business exposed to cyber risk?

The short answer is “yes.” Nearly every business that relies on an internal network is potential fodder for cyber criminals. Experienced bad actors often choose multiple entry points when selecting where to penetrate your network. Even your own employees may unknowingly open the front door and innocently click on a loaded link in a phishing email.

FM Global’s Information Security Cyber Risk Assessment helps clients secure cyber resilience. Recently updated to reflect the changing nature and exposure of cyber risk, the online risk assessment tool helps:

  • Evaluate a company’s cyber risk posture based on inherent cyber risk and security controls and programs in place. It’s designed to forecast an organization’s ability to respond to and recover from a cyber incident.
  • Visualize cyber risk from the perspectives of governance, insider threat management, IT security, and response and recovery.
  • Understand and prioritize cyber risk with a comprehensive risk report. FM Global clients receive a summary of assessment results and recommended actions to mitigate the risk.
  • Validate current cyber risk mitigation efforts and identify gaps.
  • Engage with FM Global in-house cyber risk consultants to provide additional counsel on risk mitigation strategies.
  • Build a business case for additional security investments or budget.
  • Focus on business resilience, not compliance.

According to Jeff Tilley, vice president and manager of cyber hazards at FM Global, “Success against the cyber threat requires that we keep pace with the evolving tactics and targets of the threat actors trying to infiltrate our clients' networks. The updated version of our information security assessment, together with the other components of our assessment, is aimed at doing just that.”

So, where are your company’s greatest cyber vulnerabilities? What areas should you target to minimize your company’s potential of being a cyber victim? Find out now and defend your network and your company’s resilience to cyber attacks.

To initiate a cyber risk assessment—or to reassess your current cyber risk profile—FM Global clients should contact a member of their client service team.

If your business is not protected by FM Global, contact an FM Global representative and learn more about its suite of cyber risk assessment capabilities, including information security.

Remember: Cyber resilience is a choice.


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