The Geography Of Property Fire Loss

How FM Global helps buildings reach higher standards worldwide

Fire is a universal element. Why do its destructive powers on commercial property vary by geography?

FM Global’s International Codes and Standards (IC&S) team works toward improved building codes—region by region. The team’s ongoing efforts to eliminate major inconsistencies and discrepancies in codes and regulations around the world are driven by its dynamic collaboration with FM Global’s industry-leading researchers.

"Our mission calls for more than ordinary teamwork because the approach to the issues we address is different, sometimes dramatically so—in each region of the world, based on government, culture and level of urbanization," says FM Global's Christopher J. Wieczorek, Ph. D., vice president and manager of International Codes and Standards.

Global Connections. Local Actions.

Discover the impact this team is making to minimize fire risk throughout the world using best practices and proven solutions.

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