Defy The Twister

Tornado resilience in the age of climate change


Resilient companies seek to defy risk—no matter how complicated.

That’s why FM Global scientists and researchers continually study tornadoes and how climate change might impact the frequency and severity of this extreme wind event. These research findings are now available to the public in the FM Global white paper, DEFY THE TWISTER: Tornado resilience in the age of climate change.”

"DEFY THE TWISTER: Tornado resilience in the age of climate change" provides the latest insights on:

  • How climate change might fuel–or diminish–tornado formation in years to come
  • Tornado “outbreaks”
  • The extreme forces twisters impose on buildings
  • Evolving research by FM Global
  • How new wind tunnels will help clarify the hazard
  • Solutions for protecting business properties

Download the white paper DEFY THE TWISTER: Tornado resilience in the age of climate change


Tornado Impact

About 1,000 tornadoes occur each year in the United States—an area with terrain especially suited for this weather phenomenon—and cause significant property damage. In 2011, a year with severe tornado outbreaks, insurance industry losses related to tornadoes exceeded US$14 billion.

The white paper is built upon FM Global research, including the WindEEE Dome tornado simulation collaboration with Western University in Ontario, Canada. Findings captured in this paper may also provide a basis for developing stronger design guidelines and tornado building codes.

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