Take the Burn out of Hot Work

Use FM Global's Hot Work Resource Page

Every year, fires related to hot work are a leading cause of property loss. Most of those fires were preventable. What's needed? The right tools.

Arm yourself against hot work losses with FM Global's dedicated Hot Work resource page. Get the tools and resources needed to prevent hot work from causing a fire – all in one place.

FM Global's Hot Work resource page includes:

Prevent this leading cause of loss with sensible precaution and the right resources. Use hot work best practices based on FM Global's wealth of experience in preventing fire loss. Visit FM Global's Hot Work resource page and put these tools to work for you.

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FM Global client on-demand interactive training
Please share these courses with those responsible for hot work in your organization.

  • Managing Hot Work Using the FM Global Hot Work Permit System
    This interactive tutorial teaches about hot work and how to use the FM Global Hot Work Permit System to properly conduct hot work operations. It is designed for individuals performing hot work operations and managers and supervisors overseeing hot work operations.
  • Advancing Your Hot Work Skills
    Through a variety of interactive scenarios, the Advancing Your Hot Work Skills course reviews the steps that minimize the hazards related to hot work. Learn how to safely manage fire prevention before, during and after hot work.