Resilience from a cannon's point of view

Listen to the NPR "Here and Now" podcast about how testing can help you prepare

Listen to the NPR Here and Now podcast, "Hurricane Cannon and Hail Launcher Help This Insurance Company Guard Against Major Storms," about Peter O'Dowd's (@odowdpeter) visit to FM Global's Research campus in Rhode Island, USA, and how the company is learning to mitigate damage from natural disasters.

Interview Highlights:

  • How FM Global measures the impacts of climate change
  • How to live with the risk of climate change
  • The most concerning risks presented by climate change
  • How dealing with smaller problems helps companies prepare for larger disasters
  • The role of the insurance industry in public policy

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Access FM Global's NatHaz Toolkit for additional information on preparing for hurricane, flood, and other natural hazards.

FM Global's NatHaz Toolkit