How resilient is your business environment?

Find out with FM Global's 2018 Resilience Index

Cyber risk. Increased natural hazards. New leaders and public activities alter political landscapes.

Risks emerge. Your plans might need to change to keep your business resilient.

The 2018 FM Global Resilience Index is here to help you prioritize risk management activities. It provides current, in-depth information about the business environments of 130 countries and territories. The result: you get a clearer picture of how to remain resilient in an ever-changing world.

Business leaders use the Resilience Index to keep current with:

  • Risk management priorities
  • Supply chain management
  • Procurement
  • Global security
  • Geographic expansion
  • Real Estate

Find out how this powerful, strategic decision-making tool can help you gain insight into your business risks throughout the world.

Launch the 2018 FM Global Resilience Index

The Resilience Index is part of FM Global's suite of analytics tools to help executives make informed business resilience decisions.

FM Global Clients
Sign into MyRisk® for your personalized Account Resilience Index Score. It offers insight into the resilience of your facilities to major disruption, based on the countries and territories where your business and supply chain reside.

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