FM Global earns NFPA's 2017 Fire Protection Research Foundation Medal

Watch the video of the test and download the paper

FM Global has been awarded the National Fire Protection Association's (NFPA) 2017 Fire Protection Research Foundation Medal for its research technical report titled Development of Protection Recommendations for Li-ion Battery Bulk Storage: Sprinklered Fire Test. This report covers the third phase of a project aimed at developing a guidance protocol for fire protection of lithium-ion batteries in storage. The report contains definitive, empirically conclusive information on how to cost-effectively manage this increasingly prevalent storage risk.

The Fire Protection Research Foundation Medal recognizes a project completed in the previous year that best exemplifies the Foundation's fire safety mission, commitment to overcome technical challenges, and the collaborative approach to execution that is the hallmark of all Foundation projects.

FM Global contributes to the objectives of the NFPA and is involved in the development of its codes and standards. Many FM Global employees are members of the association.

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The successful performance of the sprinkler system has confirmed a sprinkler protection design that can be applied to a range of lithium-ion batteries in bulk storage.

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