FM Global Cyber Hazards Manager to Lead RIMS Session

"Commercial Property Cyber Insurance — Creating HPR for Your Organization is Not As Complicated As You Might Think"

At the 2017 RIMS (Risk and Insurance Management Society) Annual Conference & Exhibition, FM Global's vice president and manager of cyber hazards, Carmelina Borsellino, will discuss how risk managers can create a highly protected risk (HPR) even with cyber attacks on the rise.

Borsellino was named a "2017 Insurance Executive to Watch" by Risk & Insurance magazine in its December issue. The magazine highlighted insurance executives taking on substantial new responsibilities, and recognized Borsellino for her engineering expertise in the cyber realm.

CRM1/600 - Commercial Property Cyber Insurance — Creating HPR for Your Organization Is Not As Complicated As You Might Think.
Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Course Description

CRM1/600 - Commercial Property Cyber Insurance — Creating HPR for Your Organization Is Not As Complicated As You Might Think.
When it comes to cyber risks, liability exposures tend to get all the attention and occupy risk managers' concerns. But there are real unimaginable cyber threats that lie out of sight but shouldn't be out of mind. These threats present risk to your property and potentially your ability to do business, be they direct threats or risk to your suppliers and customers.

A highly protected risk (HPR) approach for cyber-attacks requires holistic prevention that identifies and mitigates the threats before they happen. In this session, you'll learn a holistic approach involves asking and answering a number of critical questions and understanding loss scenarios beyond one's direct experience.

By addressing these emerging risks much like traditional threats from hazards like fire, natural catastrophe and equipment breakdown, you can develop an HPR program for your organization that can give you a competitive advantage.

You will leave the session with practical property risk solutions that can be applied in your own organization to thwart off cyber-related damage to property and help make your organization more resilient.

Learning Objectives

  • Why a comprehensive cyber insurance solution requires a holistic prevention approach over risk transfer alone.
  • How to ensure seamless interplay between 1st party property and 3rd party cyber liability coverage.
  • How to gain a competitive advantage by better managing inherent cyber risks.

Format Length: 60 minutes

RIMS Annual Conference

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