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  • FM Global Editor

Win-win alliance between maritime academy and FM Global

In many circles, it's called a win-win situation. One party allies with another and the advantages to that alliance run in both directions. And so it is with FM Global's newly minted partnership with the Massachusetts Maritime Academy (MMA) in Buzzards Bay, Mass.

The move, which focuses on a continuing education program for boiler and machinery loss prevention engineering, will build on MMA's existing program and hinges on the new, advanced, large-equipment laboratory at the Academy, named the FM Global Laboratory.

The centerpiece of a five-year agreement between MMA and FM Global, the lab will ensure that boiler and machinery engineers receive the highest level of experiential training.

"Trainees will be working with large steam turbines, gas turbines, and auxiliary and support systems," says Brion Callori, FM Global senior vice president of engineering and research. "These are the kinds of things our engineers encounter at clients' facilities around the world."

FM Global and MMA seem to share the same approach to training. MMA prides itself on their "Learn-Do-Learn" method, which centers on applied experience. Teaching and learning are now facilitated by technology and simulation, so having boilers and other machinery available to explore will help both parties' corps of engineers.

Adds Callori, "This practical, hands-on training will enable engineers to assess complex equipment hazards and develop cost-effective solutions that help our clients reduce property risk and keep their businesses resilient."

The FM Global Laboratory, located in MMA's Bresnahan Hall, serves its engineering and facilities' management students, governmental agencies and industry groups. It is one of the most heavily used spaces on campus. FM Global also plans to host client and industry events at the Academy that address equipment loss prevention and risk management.

The MMA is a fully accredited, four-year, coeducational state university offering Bachelor and Master of Science degrees that are highly regarded in the worldwide maritime industry and beyond.


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