ShowBiz Cinemas



When Hurricane Harvey hit Texas, USA, in 2017, ShowBiz Cinemas was confident it was prepared. A year earlier, the regional movie theater chain became a client of FM Global’s middle-market insurer AFM, bringing with it a staunch commitment to protecting its properties from loss and business interruption.

ShowBiz’s leaders were already familiar with the FM Global Group’s engineering expertise, so they knew that AFM would be a good partner in keeping their growing business resilient.

“We are very committed to mitigating risk,” says Chris Cline, ShowBiz’s vice president of construction and development. “ShowBiz is a 365-day-a-year business, so it’s crucial that we keep our doors open.”

During the initial inspection at one of ShowBiz’s seven locations, AFM discovered that the placement and number of roof fasteners were inadequate, which could cause the roof to fail, and result in substantial property damage and extended downtime. AFM recommended an upgrade to prevent potential failure during high winds.

“AFM was extremely helpful, not only in identifying a US$9 million exposure,” says Cline, “but also in giving us a detailed solution, which we brought to the roof contractor.”

With the roof upgraded and AFM engineering in its corner, ShowBiz Cinemas was ready for Harvey, which hit just a few months later. Despite more than 60 inches (150 centimeters) of rain and winds nearing 100 miles per hour (161 kilometers-per-hour) in parts of Texas, none of Showbiz's roofs were penetrated. Cline says, “We fared very well.”