As one of the largest distributors of pharmaceutical products in the United States, AmerisourceBergen is in the business of saving lives. A disruption at any of its 27 distribution centers around the country would mean hospitals, doctors and patients would suddenly be without crucial medications and medical supplies.

“Everything we do here is centered around creating healthier futures for our customers and their patients,” explains Woody Hope, vice president of risk management. “We take that very seriously.”

And in today’s just-in-time world, the journey from manufacturer to pharmacy shelf only gets faster. AmerisouceBergen has made a substantial capital investment in state-of-the-art distribution centers, high-tech retrieval systems and miles of automated conveying equipment just to keep up with demand. And when they needed to add seven new facilities in just 18 months, they turned to FM Global.

FM Global engineers worked with the company’s team, incorporating years of experience protecting property into every building. Coupled with AmerisourceBergen’s logistic and warehousing knowledge, the new facilities keep hundreds of millions of dollars of inventory moving and protected from fire, tornadoes and even earthquakes.

“FM Global brings a lot of ‘street knowledge’ about how to manage risk,” said Jon Szekely, AmerisourceBergen’s project director. “The earlier they are involved, the better. They really help us understand what our exposure is.”

And when Hurricane Maria hit Puerto Rico with 130-mile-per-hour (209 kilometer-per-hour) winds last year, that street knowledge and engineering expertise really paid off. AmerisourceBergen’s facility on the island had undergone extensive storm-hardening modifications over several years. So when Maria struck, AmerisourceBergen was ready. The facility suffered minimal damage and more importantly, stayed open, delivering critical medical supplies to the island.