2016 FM Global Annual Report: Client Profiles

Regulations, market volatility, economic conditions, cyber threats—the list of risks all companies face is real and growing. Our business is to keep your property off that list. FM Global aims to alleviate any insurance anxiety and provide strategic partnerships that move our clients forward. The clients spotlighted in the following pages—Campofrío Food Group and Eastman—have experienced this benefit firsthand, gaining tangible competitive advantages in a spectrum of ways through their FM Global partnership.

Campofrio Food Group

One of the world's most admired and successful food companies, the Madrid, Spain-based Campofrío Food Group (CFG), a subsidiary of Sigma Alimentos (part of the Mexico-based ALFA group), represents the industry standard in the processed meats sector. Boasting a significant presence in Europe and America and a strong brand portfolio, CFG leads the way in product performance, quality, growth, customer satisfaction and profit-ability. They are also tireless innovators, using discovery as a driver of growth, and they stand by a commitment to the highest ethical and sustainable standards. After a 2014 crippling fire at their principal manufacturing facility, La Bureba, in Burgos, Spain, CFG unveiled a state-of-the-art facility with unparalleled commitment to health, quality and safety. Thanks to an agile management team and a committed employee base, CFG has recovered from the disaster, recouped its market share and focused its effort on a renewed, invigorated future.

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Featuring a portfolio of specialty business, Eastman is a global chemical company that produces a wide range of products—and ingredients in products—found in items people use every day. The company, headquartered in Kingsport, Tennessee, USA, employs 14,000 people worldwide. In 2016, Eastman and FM Global celebrated 50 years of working together. Over the decades, Eastman has grown considerably—they now boast the largest single chemical site in FM Global's portfolio— with customers in more than 100 countries and revenues of approximately US$9 billion (2016). Eastman's market-driven approach takes advantage of world-class technology platforms and requires best-in-class partnerships to deliver its innovative products and solutions while maintaining a commitment to safety and sustainability.

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