Global Flood Map

Global Flood Map

A revolution in flood mapping technology

Our Global Flood Map breaks new ground. It’s a physically based map that provides a worldwide view of moderate- and high-hazard flood zones across the globe. Unlike maps based solely on historical flood data, our innovative Global Flood Map is built using hydrology and hydraulic science, and considers, among other factors, essential information like rainfall, evaporation, snowmelt and terrain.

Assessing Your Flood Resilience
Flood is one of the most devastating and costly of all natural disasters. There are three primary factors behind the increased frequency and severity of flood loss: climate change, globalization and urbanization. A fourth factor may be attributed to the fact that, in many parts of the world, flood information can be unreliable, inconsistent or outdated—or simply doesn’t exist. As resilient businesses expand globally, they need a trusted resource that can help identify potential flood exposures on every continent.

Are You In or Out?
Is your facility located in a potential flood zone? Type in your address, and see where your location falls on our Global Flood Map. To get started, click the button below, then complete the simple registration form. Registration is free.

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Learn More About The Map Data

What makes the Global Flood Map unique? What sources of data were used to create the map? What resources are available to help mitigate flood loss? Find answers to these questions and more in our About the Global Flood Map section.

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