Emergency Response Training Seminars

Emergency Response Consulting

Training that Protects People, Property and the Environment

How you respond in an emergency depends on how well you’re trained. Is your team ready to provide that vital first line of defense to ensure your company’s resilience? We’re committed to offering hands-on emergency response training to your emergency response teams.

FM Global Emergency Response Consultants work with all levels of fire brigades, hazardous material emergency responders, technical and confined-space rescue teams, emergency medical services and local fire departments.

Your personnel will gain valuable insight into the challenges and needs of emergency response through hands-on, comprehensive training conducted by our seasoned training experts.

Training programs are tailored to your needs, and can be conducted on site at one of your locations or at the 328-acre FM Global Emergency Response Consultants Training Center in Rome, GA, USA. You can also participate in pre-scheduled training seminars on a range of topics. 


Our training consultants provide emergency response team leaders with safe, hands-on training to assist with every aspect of managing an emergency response organization.

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