Roofing Products

FM Approvals is a leader in certification and approval of roofing products and roof assemblies. Our product Approval is based on performance testing of completed assemblies when subjected to multiple perils. A typical FM Approvals program includes fire testing above and below the deck, wind-uplift testing, hail-damageability testing, accelerated weathering testing, and corrosion resistance testing of ferrous metal parts.

In order to tailor an FM Approval to the needs of the facility owner, designer or contractor, our Approval for wind resistance is granted in increments of 15 psf, starting with the minimum needed to ensure continued good service. Some assemblies targeted for high-wind regions have attained Approval up to several hundred psf.

Testing Capabilities

The roofing industry has evolved dramatically over the last decade using new technology and innovative products. FM Approvals has kept pace and can meet the ever-changing demands of our clients with the facilities at the FM Global Research Campus.

A cornerstone of the campus is a state-of-the-art fire test laboratory, which, combined with the capabilities of the natural hazards laboratory, allows FM Approvals to measure and analyze the performance of any building roof. The combined analysis assures the purchaser and building owner a fire-safe, wind-resistant roof capable of maintaining its integrity for many years.