Get Certified. Worldwide.

FM Approvals offers worldwide certification and testing services of industrial and commercial loss prevention products.

Recognized and respected across the globe, FM Approvals certification assures customers that a product or service has been objectively tested and conforms to the highest national and international standards.

» What We Certify

FM Approvals offers certification services to manufacturers of fire protection equipment, electrical equipment, hazardous location equipment, fire detection, signaling and other electrical equipment, materials, roofing products and smoke detection. Products that earn approval are listed in the Approval Guide.

» Global Certification

FM Approvals holds mutual agreements with testing and certification labs around the world. When you participate in FM Approvals' global certification program, your product is tested according to global standards, making it easier and more cost-efficient for you to obtain international certification.

» Accreditations

FM Approvals is recognized as a testing lab and/or certification agency by the world's leading regulatory authorities.

» Specification Testing

Narrower in scope than the FM Approvals program, FM Approvals specification testing allows manufacturers to test a single performance characteristic of a system or assembly.

» ISO 9000 Registration Services

FM Approvals is an accredited ISO 9000 registrar (RvA – C073), conducting the audits necessary for ISO 9000 registration.

» RoofNav

This complimentary online system greatly simplifies the process of configuring and installing roofing assemblies that meet the requirements of FM Approvals.