Expanding Knowledge Through Research

Fires, explosions, hurricane-force winds, flying debris—it's all in a day's work at the FM Global Research Campus.

The 1,600-acre (648 ha) FM Global Research Campus in West Glocester, R.I., USA, is the premiere center in the world for property loss-prevention scientific research and product testing. Equipped with the most advanced technology and designed with property owners, product manufacturers and continuously evolving industry trends in mind, our distinguished scientists and loss-prevention engineers conduct research in four main laboratories.
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» Fire Technology
The FM Global Fire Technology Lab works to advance the understanding of how materials and fire behave.
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» Natural Hazards
The Natural Hazards Lab advances the understanding of building material failure and to identify the best designs to resist Mother Nature. » Watch Video

» Electrical Hazards
The Electrical Hazards Lab applies scientific study and testing to identify conditions that cause losses to equipment in hazardous environments. » Watch Video

» Hydraulics
The Hydraulics Lab performs hydraulic, mechanical and environmental tests on fire protection system components to ensure effectiveness. » Watch Video

Superior Loss Prevention

Discoveries made at the FM Global Research Campus have been instrumental in helping our clients reduce property risk from fire, explosion, natural hazards and more. Our research results also help to establish new industry methods and standards that advance loss-prevention practices and new-product development.

With the ability to deliver both developmental cost savings and improved reliability of research conclusions, the FM Global Research Campus is integral to preventing property loss worldwide. To learn more on how our research efforts translate into real property loss prevention for our clients, download PDF.