Appraisal Services: A Matter of Values

Accurate values are crucial to establishing an understanding of your exposures and FM Global's appraisal services deliver the critical information you need to ensure that your physical assets are sufficiently covered by insurance in case of a loss.

Our skilled appraisers work closely with you to determine replacement-cost values for your buildings, personal property and equipment. Here's what you can expect from FM Global appraisal services:

  • Calculation of replacement values of buildings, and other structures—and adjust cost estimates to reflect regional labor and materials costs
  • Closely inspect equipment, often reviewing engineering drawings or consulting with key plant personnel, in order to determine equipment-replacement costs
  • Provide you with dependable, accurate and confidential appraisal services anywhere in the world you do business
  • Work closely with your operations personnel to deliver an insightful appraisal, and answer your questions regarding property valuations of your buildings, machinery and equipment