Protecting the Value Your Business Creates

While most companies treat property loss as inevitable, FM Global firmly believes that the majority of all property loss is preventable.

Driven by the cutting-edge property loss-prevention research undertaken at the FM Global Research Campus and the expertise of our on-the-ground engineering force, we work with clients to identify and assess risk and help them develop proactive, cost-effective property loss prevention programs that protect against loss, safeguard business continuity, and enhance their ability to supply customers.

Loss-prevention engineering services are available exclusively to FM Global clients and include:

» Site Evaluations

Our consultative risk evaluations will identify and analyze conditions that could result in property damage and/or business interruption.

» Risk Quality Benchmarking

Comparing your company's worldwide property exposures to your peers can help you enhance your loss control decision-making.

» Project Planning

Our recommendations can help minimize risk during new construction, renovation or acquisition as well as ensure that you have the proper supporting insurance coverage.

» Client Training

Our seminars and online training courses help you understand the hazards you face, identify and manage risks and overcome today's risk management challenges.

» Impairment Services

Our expert loss prevention advice will help you minimize the risk created by property protection system impairment.