The FM Global Advantage:
Financially Sound, Client-focused

FM Global's commercial and industrial property insurance, reinsurance and risk transfer capabilities are designed to protect the assets of indigenous and multi-national companies, improve operating reliability and maintain profits and market share.

Our insurance coverage, products and services are based on the reality of engineering, rather than the uncertainty of actuaries, which not only serves to prevent loss, but generates increased, stable capacity, broader coverage and competitive terms and conditions.

» All-risk Property Coverage

The FM Global Advantage Policy is simple, streamlined, global and responsive to your coverage needs, providing coverage and limits that exceed the rest of the marketplace.

» Unique and Flexible Business Interruption Coverage

Our unique Time Element Select™ business interruption coverage allows policyholders to choose the best settlement option after a loss has occurred.

» Sustainable Coverage

Innovative coverage options that support the achievement of sustainable and environmentally sound facilities.

» Boiler and Machinery

In addition to providing primary boiler and machinery (B&M) insurance and jurisdictional inspection services, FM Global also offers B&M reinsurance through Mutual Boiler Re.

» Cargo Insurance

FM Global's cargo insurance protects your goods from ship to shore, warehouse to warehouse.

Supporting Mid-Size Markets

Mid-size companies can benefit from the same financial strength and loss-prevention expertise through Affiliated FM.

Delivering Distinct Products and Services

Partnering with FM Global is easy with our dual-delivery capability. Insurance products can be purchased directly from our worldwide sales professionals or through a network of regional, national or global intermediaries.