Road to Resilience

Reminiscing on the 50th Anniversary of the Research Campus

Journey through time to see how FM Global tests and studies have helped prevent losses. From earth-old natural hazards like fire to protecting warehouses full of lithium-ion batteries from going up in flames, FM Global continues to prove its founder Zachariah Allen's belief that "the majority of loss is preventable."


1835 – 1878
Led by Zachariah Allen, a group of mill owners form their own mutual fire insurance company—known today as FM Global.


1884 – 1939
Early Testing Facilities


1940 – 1950
Norwood Facility


1953 – 1967
More breakthroughs


Proving the majority of loss is preventable
Today FM Global’s Research Campus continues its cutting edge research to help prevent loss for its clients.


Get the latest on lithium-ion battery storage research with FM Global's NFPA award-winning research. Download the research paper and watch video of the test.


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