Recover from Malware

Watch how the FM Global Advantage® policy helps companies get back to business.

Cyber Coverage Explainer Video: Malware

Cyber Coverage Explainer Video: Malware

This video explains how the FM Global Advantage Policy covers the cost to restore a client's data, programs or software that is damaged by a malware attack.

Thanks to computer networks, businesses run faster and more efficiently. That is, until a hacker introduces malicious software into the system. Data can be corrupted or destroyed, and corporate productivity can suffer.

To help keep clients resilient in the face of these new threats, FM Global offers worldwide coverage for the following:

  • Restoration of data, programs and software, including research and engineering that may be required to recreate lost information
  • Costs to set up a temporary computing environment to continue operating
  • Costs to remediate the malware from the system
  • Temporary costs to defend against a cyber attack
  • Cost of business interruption resulting from the malware event

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