New Global Flood Map identifies flood-prone zones across the world

Flood is one of the most costly natural hazards in the world, yet most flood loss is both predictable and preventable. With flood potential rising around the world, FM Global marshaled its resources and mobilized its talent to provide a revolutionary way for organizations to help manage this increasing and potentially costly risk to their businesses. That means more insight into locating facilities, or which areas to prioritize for flood improvement.

The interactive Global Flood Map presents business executives with a powerful new strategic planning tool, and risk managers with a way to address natural hazard exposure around the world. A version of the new map is available for use by businesses and the public at no cost.

Dr. Louis Gritzo, vice president and manager of research at FM Global explains, "Now is the time for businesses to examine their buildings' ability to withstand flooding, as well as evaluate their processes to manage surface water, roof drainage and water supplies. Similarly, companies should be mindful as to where they build new plants, factories and office structures, closely evaluating the potential impact of extreme precipitation and flooding."

Flood Prevention Resources
Of course the optimal solution is to avoid building in a flood zone. FM Global provides flood prevention resources free of charge.

Are You In or Out?
Is your facility located in a potential flood zone? Type in your address, and see where your location falls on our Global Flood Map. To get started, click the button below, then complete the simple registration form. Registration is free.

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