How Resilient Is Your Business?

Gain insight with the 2017 FM Global Resilience Index

For today's global enterprise, remaining resilient is an increasingly challenging endeavor. Supply chains and business networks often span the globe, and savvy organizations must ensure they understand the enterprise resilience to disruptive events of countries in which they do—or plan to do—business. The FM Global Resilience Index was created to help executives gain those powerful insights for strategic decision-making.

Newly updated and improved for 2017, the FM Global Resilience Index is the only annual ranking of 130 countries and territories according to their enterprise resilience to disruptive events. Rankings are calculated based on an equally weighted composite of 12 core drivers that affect the enterprise resilience of countries significantly and directly.

What is new in the 2017 index?
A robust index should evolve as better data and analytics become available. A significant enhancement to the index this year is the inclusion of three new drivers of enterprise resilience: urbanization rate, inherent cyber risk and supply chain visibility. Another enhancement is the use of local code information to refine the index's risk quality drivers to be more representative of each country's natural hazards and fire risk quality. Country rankings have also been retro-calculated to take into account the new data in this year's index—so comparable results are available for the past five years.

The chart below summarizes the components on which the FM Global Resilience Index is based.

How the FM Global Resilience Index works
The index is powered by data from leading global resources including the United Nations, the World Bank, the World Economic Forum and the International Monetary Fund. These sources combine with FM Global's proprietary data on natural hazards and fire risks generated by the company's 1,800 property risk engineers, who evaluate more than 100,000 locations annually around the world, to make the index robust and reliable.

Understanding countries within this context has never been easier, nor has quick access to the data been more manageable. Use the FM Global Resilience Index to gain new, strategic insights about your enterprise resilience today, and to help you with plans for expansion, investment and managing supply chain risk. Because, when you're resilient, you're in business.

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