Denial-of-Service Cyber Coverage

Watch how the FM Global Advantage® policy helps companies get back to business.

Cyber Coverage Explainer Video: Denial-of-Service

Cyber Coverage Explainer Video: Denial-of-Service

This video explains how the FM Global Advantage Policy covers denial-of-service attacks that result in the failure of the client'€™s electronic data processing equipment or media to operate.

Denial-of-service attacks are the cyber equivalent of a flooded brick-and-mortar storeroom. In the former, customers cannot access your business to purchase goods because your computer systems have been inundated with illegitimate internet traffic. The difference is that cyber events stem from malicious human activity, and therefore any business, regardless of its location, can be the target of an attack.

In order to help keep clients resilient in the face of these new threats, FM Global offers coverage for the following in a covered loss:

  • Actual loss sustained and Extra Expense during the period of interruption
  • Temporary costs to defend against a cyber attack
  • Worldwide coverage

Take a moment now to watch how FM Global's denial-of-service coverage works.


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