2015 FM Global Annual Report: Client Profiles

In the 2015 Annual Report, senior leaders from three major corporations, Constellation Brands, Mercy Hospital and Modine Manufacturing Company, discuss how they work with FM Global to respond to major loss events or reduce their risk of future losses. These stories and videos illustrate the core of our relationship with our clients, the shared belief that the majority of property loss is preventable. As you’ll see, when loss does occur, our primary objective is to restore our client’s business operations as quickly as possible.

In the following profiles, you’ll read about the aftermath of the massive 2013 tornado loss in Missouri, USA and Mercy Hospital’s effort to build a new highly protected hospital campus. You’ll witness how a swift claims resolution to a fire loss at Modine’s Airedale facility in the United Kingdom, led to minimum loss of productivity. And, in the Constellation Brands profile, you’ll see how FM Global’s business risk consulting services were key to business continuity planning.

We thank these companies for their participation and for allowing us to retell these stories. 

Constellation Brands

Watch how Constellation Brands, a leading international producer and marketer of beer, wine and spirits, was able to understand the impact of a catastrophic event before it happened and protect its market share.

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Mercy Hospital

In 2011, an EF5 multiple-vortex tornado tore into Joplin, Missouri, USA, destroying St. John’s Regional Medical Center, the Mercy Hospital facility in the heart of the city. See how the hospital and FM Global went to work immediately, to restore the business following the devastating loss. 

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Modine Manufacturing

Modine Manufacturing Company, a leader in thermal management systems and components, acquired Airedale International Air Conditioning in 2005. Less than ten years later, a major fire destroyed the Airedale factory in Leeds, U.K. Watch how the company and FM Global quickly launched into the recovery process and kept operations moving.

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